Building your new pool, spa, hot tub, deck and pergola.

Once we have designed your pool to blend with your yard and incorporated the additional features you want to make it your own show piece, construction can start. Our build phase starts with having your yard marked by JULIE to ensure that we know where all existing utility lines are before we start digging. The area for your new pool will then be marked off for the earth-moving equipment to use as a guide. The size of your yard and pool will determine the size of the earth-moving equipment used. The beginning of construction can be a little surprising when you see a large backhoe in your back yard. Rest assured, we prepare the area ahead of time to have as little impact as possible.


Step 1

After excavation is complete, our experienced team of pool construction professionals moves to the next phase. This involves the layout and installation of the pool walls and floor. Lifestyle Concepts uses a 10 inch minimum reinforced concrete wall construction technique that vastly improves the durability, longevity and performance of our pools. We also offer a “premium” full concrete pool with a minimum 10 inch concrete wall and floor.

Frano Water-Fall rough framing.jpg

Step 2

Following the casting of the pool walls and floor, we can move into the surface finishing with either a modern vinyl liner or a plaster finish. If you have opted for a coping stone finish for the pool edge it would be installed at this time. As the body of the pool is being completed, our service team will be installing the filtration, heating, lighting and any other electrical and water moving systems you have chosen to tailor your pool to your particular requirements. Depending on your specific project, decking, hardscape, landscaping features and built-in features like barbecues or pergolas can also be added.