Designing Your New Pool, Patio, Deck and more...

A concrete in-ground pool is an excellent choice when you want a specific or unique design to really take advantage of and enhance your property. Because each Lifestyle Concepts Inc. concrete pool is a custom pool, there are few limitations on how your new pool can look. One of the choices employs concrete walls and a poolcrete (vermiculite) bottom with a vinyl liner. We design our pools with 10” reinforced concrete walls. This design is rust and corrosion free and can withstand pressures up to 4,500 PSI. That means incredible structural integrity so that your pool is around for years and years to come.


We also offer a “premium” full concrete pool as well. With this option, the entire pool, walls and floor are all poured using 10” of reinforced concrete. Rather than a vinyl liner, the entire concrete surface, walls and floor, is coated with plaster to finish. Color can be added to the finishing plaster to truly customize your pool to landscape and design needs.


Both concrete pool designs can be finished with a variety of sidewalk and coping offerings. While local building codes dictate certain aspects of the walkway around your pool for safety, you have the flexibility of selecting the material that will best match your existing landscaping or your overall vision for the yard. Brick, flagstone and limestone are popular materials for coping (framing) around the pool edge. Even a plain economical concrete surface can be spruced up by adding color to the concrete mix.

To make your pool a real design highlight of your home, consider adding unique features like a raised patio or deck, cascading water features (like a natural-looking waterfall), hidden LED lighting or a pergola bring that special personal touch to the design.

Lifestyle Concepts offers comprehensive design and construction services to accommodate all the customizations that will make your pool and backyard unique.